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              巴中龍泉外國語學校英語口語校本教材 口語樣題及測試的標準
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              The English articles and questions for oral English test training.

              for students(1)

                Mrs.Jones was very fond of singing. She had a good voice,except that some of her high notes tended to sound like a gate which someone had forgotten to oil. Mrs.Jones was very conscious of this weakness,and took every opportunity she could find to practise these high notes.

                   As she lived in a small house,where she could not practise without disturbing the rest of the family,she usually went for a long walk along the country roads whenever she had time,and practised her high notes there. Whenever she heard a car or a person coming along the road,she stopped and waited until she could no longer be heard before she started practising again,because she was a shy person,and because she was sensitive about those high notes.

                *One afternoon,however, a fast,open car came up behind her silently and so fast that she did not hear it until it was a few meters from her.She was singing some of her highest and most difficult notes at the time,and as the car passed her,she saw an anxious expression suddenly come over its driver’s face.He put his brakes on violently,and as soon as the car stopped,jumped out and began to examine all his tires carefully.*

                  Mrs.Jones did not dare to tell him what the noise he had heard had really been,so he got back into his car and drove off as puzzled as he had been when he stopped.

                 Notes: conscious 知道的,意識到的

                       sensitive 敏感的

                         Brake 剎車




                Describe an embrassing(令人尷尬的)expression.

              for teachers

                I. Please read aloud the third paragraph of the story.

                II. Please turn over the paper and answer my questions about the story.

                1. How well did Mrs.Jones sing ?

                2. Where did Mrs.Jones usually practise her high notes ?

                3. What would she do whenver she heard a car or a person coming along the road?

                4. What was she doing when the car passed her one afternoon?

                5. What did the driver do? Why was he puzzled?

                III. Please talk on the following topic in no fewer than 10 sentences.

                   The topic is:Describe an embarrassing experience.

              for students)(2

                *Mr. and Mrs.Jones’s flat was full of suitcases, trunks and packed-up furniture.The two of them were busy with pencils and paper,checking their language,when there was a ring at the door.Mrs.Jones went to open it and it was a well-dressed middle-aged lady outside. The lady said that she lived in a flat beside theirs,and that she had come to welcome them to their new home.

                The Joneses invited her in,after apologizing for the state of the flat.

                “Oh,never mind,”she answered.’Do you know,in some parts of this town ,neighbours are not at all friendly.There are some streets where people don’t know their neighbors,even their next-door ones. But in this street everybody is friends with everybody else.We are one big happy family. I’m sure that you will be happy here.”

                The well-dressed lady got a surprise when they came to visit the flat the next time, because she found a quite different man and woman in it.  Mr and Mrs. Jones had not had the courage to tell her that they were not the new owners of the flat, who were due to move in the next day, but the old owners, who had lived beside her for 2 years without her ever having visited them or even noticed their existence.

                ( for teachers)

                I. Read aloud the first paragraph.

                II. Please turn over the paper and answer the questions according the passage.

                III. Please talk on the following topic in at least 10 sentences.

                The topic is:

                Describe a neighbor who has impressed you most.

              (for students)(3)

                *Jack and Rose had been married for over 6 years. They had shared and talked about almost everything. But Rose had kept a special box in her closet. She had asked her husband never to open it or even ask her about it. And for all those 6 years, Jack never asked once. In fact, he had almost forgotten about the box.*

                Then one day, Rose got very sick and the doctor said she would never recover. Jack began to sort through all of Rose’s belongings. When he found the box, he brought it to his wife’s beside. She agreed that it was finally time he knew what was in the box. Jack opened it and found two little handkerchiefs and a stack of money totaling $25,000!

                Rose explained, when we were married, my grandmother told me that the secret of a happy marriage was to never disagree or argue. She told that if I ever got angry with you I should just keep quiet and sew a handkerchief. ”Jack was so touched he had to hold back the tears. Only two handkerchiefs were in the box! In over 6 years she had only been angry with him 2 times. “Dear,” he said, ”this explains the handkerchiefs. But what about the money? Where did it come from?” She answered, ”Oh, that’s the money I made from selling all the other handkerchiefs.”

                Notes: closet 壁櫥

                Stack 一疊

                (for teacher)

                I. Please read aloud the first paragraph of the story.

                II. Please turn the paper over and answer the questions about the story.

                1. What had Rose kept in her closet ?

                2. What did Jack find in Rose’s special box ?

                3. What did Rose’s grandmother tell her when she got marred ?

                4. Why was the husband so touched ?

                5. Where did the money come from ?

                III. Please talk on the following topic in no fewer than10 sentences.

                The topic is :

                 What do you think is the secret of a happy relationship ?


              (for students)



                1. 朗讀下面短文中五星號()間的段落(考試時標明,書中不標明)。

                2. 閱讀全文,用英語回答主考教師關于短文內容的提問?;卮饐栴}時不能看原文。

                3. 就文章后帶★★的話題進行口頭作文,要求不得低于十句話(考試時標明,書中不標明)。

                There once lived a rich businessman who had a lazy and fun-loving son. The businessman wanted his son to be hard-working and responsible. One day he told his son: “Today, I want you to go out and earn something. If you fail, you won’t have your meals tonight.”

                He went crying straight to his mother. Her heart melted at her son’s eyes. She gave him a gold coin. When the father asked his son what he had earned, the son presented him the gold coin. The father asked him to throw it into a well.

                The next day, he asked his son to earn something. This time he went crying to his sister who gave him a coin. When he showed it to his father he again asked him to throw it in a well. Then the father asked him to earn more money.

                ★This time since there was no one to help him, the son was forced to go to the market. One shopkeeper told him he would pay him two coins if he carried his trunk to his house. He did so and sweated plenty. As he returned home he was asked to do the same. The son almost cried out. He could not imagine throwing his hard-earned money like this. He cried, “My entire body is aching. You are asking me to throw the money into the well.” *

                At this moment, the businessman told him one feels the pain only when the fruits of hard labor are wasted. On the earlier two occasions he was helped and therefore had no pain in throwing the coins into the well. The son had now realized the value of hard work. He promised never to be lazy and to safely keep the father’s wealth. The father handed over the keys of his shop to the son and promised to guide him through the rest of the life.

                (for teachers)

                I. Please read aloud the part between the two stars.

                II. Please turn the paper over and answer the questions about the story.

                1. What kind of son did the businessman have?

                2. What did the businessman ask his son to do?

                3. What did the boy get the first time and how?

                4. How did the boy get the 10 cents?

                5. What did the boy learn from this experience?

                III. Please talk on the following topic in no fewer than 10 sentences.

                Some of life’s best lessons come from the hardest situations. Please comment on them.


                ﹡While I was walking along the road the other day I happened to notice a small brown leather purse lying on the grounds . I picked it up and opened it to see3 if I could find out the owner’s name. There was nothing inside it except some small change and a rather old photograph—a picture of a woman and a young girl about 12 years old, who looked like the woman’s daughter. I put the photograph back and took the purse to the police station, where I handed it to the sergeant in charge. Before I left, the sergeant made a note of my name and address in case the owner of the purse wanted to write and thank me.

                   That evening I went to have dinner with an uncle and aunt of mine. They have also invited another person, a young woman, so that there would be four people at table. The young woman’s face was familiar, but I could not remember where I had seen it. I was quite sure that we had not met before. In the course of conversation, however, the young woman happened to say that she had lost her purse that afternoon. I at once remembered where I had seen her face. She was the young girl in the photograph, although she was now much older. Of course she was very surprised when I was able to describe her purse to her. Then I explained that I had recognized her face from the photograph I had found in the purse. My uncle insisted on going round to the police station immediately to get the purse back. As the police sergeant handed it over, he said that it was remarkable coincidence that I had found not only the purse but also the person who had lost it.


                sergeant   警官

                remarkable   很不尋常的

                coincidence  巧合


                This test consists of the following sections:

                I. Ask the examinee to read the part between the two asterisks in the passage on the student’s task sheet.

                 II. Ask the examinee to answer the following questions about the passage.

                1. What did the author happen to see on the ground while he was walking along?

                2. What did the author find in the purse?

                3. Why did the sergeant write down the author’s name and address?

                4. Who did the author have dinner with?

                5. When did the author realize the young woman was the young girl in the photograph?

                6. Where did they go to get the purse back?

                7. What was the coincidence according to the sergeant?

                III. Ask the examinee to answer the question below in no fewer than ten sentences.

                Have you ever helped somebody find something? Please describe to us what happened.


                This test consists of the following three sections:

                I. Ask the examinee to read the part between the two asterisks in the passage on the student’s task sheet.

                ﹡I went to the restaurant where I knew the owner well and ordered my supper. While I was waiting for the soup to arrive, I noticed that a man sitting at the corner table near the door kept glancing in my direction, as if he knew me. I certainly did not know him, for I never forget a face. The man had a newspaper open in front of him, which he was pretending to read, though all the while I could see that he was keeping an eye on me. When the waiter brought my soup, the man was clearly puzzled by the familiar way in which the waiter and I addressed each other. He became even more puzzled as time went on and it grew more and more clear that I was well known in the restaurant. Finally he got up and went into the kitchen. After a few minutes he came out again, paid his bill and left.

                When I had finished and was about to pay my bill, I called the owner of the restaurant over and as ked him what the man had wanted. “Well,” he said, “that man was a detective.” “Really?” I said, very much surprised. “He was certainly very interested in me. But why?” He followed you here because he though you were a man he was looking for,” the owner of the restaurant said. “When he came into the kitchen, he showed me a photo of the wanted man. He certainly looked like you!  Of course, since we know you here, I was able to convince him that he had made a mistake.” “It’s lucky I came to a restaurant where I am known,” I said, “otherwise I might have been arrested!”

                II. Ask the examinee to answer the following questions about the passage.

                1. Where was the author?

                2. What did the author notice about the man sitting at a corner table near the door ?

                3. Why was the man puzzled?

                4. Why did the man go into the kitchen before he left the restaurant?

                5. Who was the man?

                6. Why did the man follow the author into the restaurant?

                7. Why did the author consider himself lucky?

                Ⅲ. Ask the examinee to answer the question below in no fewer than ten sentences.

                Please describe a person who has ever helped you get out of a difficult situation


                I.Please read aloud the paragraphs between the two asterisks.

                ﹡My brother Henry has an excellent job at a bank. I couldn’t  believe him when he told me that he had decided to give it up. Though I tried to make him change his mind, I failed completely.

                “You should reconsider your decision,” I said. “You have already spent five years in the bank and you could have a wonderful career. You might become a bank manager by the time you are thirty five.”

                “I know,” Henry answered. “I’ve got no complaints with the bank. It’s a pleasant job in pleasant surroundings and we keep civilized hours. The bank manager told me that my future was excellent.”

                “Then why do you want to leave?” I exclaimed.

                “It’s the money,” Henry said.

                “But you are getting a good salary,” I answered.

                “I don’t mean that,” Henry said. “What do I do at the bank? Well, at the moment all I do is to count money. I find it very depressing.”

                “What’s depressing about counting money?” I asked, unable to follow the logic of Henry’s argument.

                “You don’t understand,” Henry answered. “I enjoy counting my own money, but I hate counting other people’s!”


                keep civilized hours    合理的工作時間

                depressing    令人沮喪的

                II. Please turn the paper over and answer my questions about the story.

                1.What did the author’s brother Henry decide to do?

                2.What did the author think about Henry’s decision?

                3.What did the author try to do? Why did he do that?

                4.How did Henry describe his job?

              5.Why did Henry want to leave his job?

                III. Please talk on the following topic in no fewer than 10 sentences. The topic is:

              Have you ever felt depressed in your study? Please tell us your experience or the experience of others.







                4、發音不準確,錯誤較多,有較多生詞,表情不自然。(10-23 分)







                1. 思路清楚,發音清晰準確,沒有語法錯誤,語言表達流暢自然,表情生動。(25-30分)

                2. 思路較為清楚,發音較準確,有少量語法錯誤,語言表達較為流暢自然。(21-24分)

                3. 思路不夠清楚,發音不夠準確,有較多語法錯誤,語言表達基本流暢自然。(15-20分)

                4. 思路混亂,發音不準確,有大量語法錯誤,語言表達不夠流暢自然。(5-15分)


                1. 能根據實際情況做介紹,語音語調好,無語法錯誤,表情自然。(16-20分)

                2. 基本按照所給的范文做介紹,但語音語調好,表情自然。(14-15分)

                3. 完全按照所給的范文做介紹,語音語調一般。(12分)

                4. 完全按照所給的范文做介紹,語音語調不好。(5-10分)